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Who is Ross Barefoot?

SEO Consultant and Trainer, Curmudgeon-in-Waiting
Ross grew up in the bicycle business, helping his father and brother build up an import and wholesale distribution company that started in San Diego, moved to nearby Santee (in San Diego's East County), and then, in a fit of ambition, moved almost 1000 miles to Grand Junction, in Western Colorado. 

During that time Ross wished he had the VO2 Max of Eddy Merckx, became fascinated by competitive cycling (but never competed), learned Italian and German to do business with companies in, well, Italy and Germany (not to mention Switzerland), and taught himself computer programming.

In 2000 he and his partners sold their business (his brother still works as a bicycle suspension engineer for the buyers) and Ross made the transition to full-time web development, starting a business called FLEXISS Digital Design.  In 2002 he took his first training in SEO/SEM and kept that spark alive while trying to manage programing projects. 

In 2011 he found the challenge to stay current in both fields overwhelming and decided to devote himself exclusively to Internet Marketing, selling FLEXISS and starting the Rocky Mountain Search Engine Academy, an associate training organization under the umbrella of John Alexander's Search Engine Academy.

Ross's passion is for teaching, but he'll do consulting as interesting projects and nice people come along. 

Ross Barefoot photo, image

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