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Who is Rajeev Shroff?

Pursing my passions of finding success in growing others, shaping ideas to shape the future, growing daily by feeding the mind.

Accomplished Executive leader, proficient in guiding leaders on strategy, for large as well as small companies in the technology sector. 

Startup Incubation 
• Mentoring early stage startups and providing advisory services

• Guidance to fine-tune strategy, refine business model and market validation

• Seed funding through a group of professional angel investors

Leadership Coaching
• Transforming leaders, through a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting
• Coaching to activate long-term development, 

develop high performing executive talent
• Especially working with leaders engaged in Global businesses, undergoing significant change

Offshore Strategy
• Offshore strategy advisor with deep offshoring expertise
• Superior insights in defining Global center structure, ensuring results

• In-depth experience in strategies for managing Talent, Stakeholders, and Customers 

Global Software Operations 
• Leading Global Software Delivery operations across countries
• Managing Product Development, Support, Managed services & Professional services

• Extensive experience in Enterprise software, Telecom and Process control

Rajeev Shroff photo, image

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