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Who is Mike Bal?

Nothing Less Than Epic

I'm a passionate and driven individual who loves to create.

I started using social media as a marketing tool way back when you had to be in college to use Facebook. Since then I've worked with a variety of brands from all over the world on everything from brand architecture to community management.
One of my biggest motivators is the desire to do something no one else has done. This keeps me learning at a ridiculous rate. The second a change in the industry shows its face, I'm studying and testing to identify the most effective and creative ways to turn it into an opportunity. 

Outside of the digital space I'm also an author. My first book is a collaborative project called Marketing Apocalypse: The Brand Survival Guide. For this book I've reached out to several thought leaders in different fields to pool together the ideas that will keep brands alive into today's chaotic and volatile marketing landscape. 

I have done work in training, consulting and execution on a variety of subjects. Most of my experience is weighted in social media but I'm also fairly well versed in elements of web design and my favorite platform to work on is WordPress. What really gets me excited is brand architecture. I love building it from the ground up and I think a lot of people and businesses don't understand how intricate an irreplaceable brand should be.

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