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Who is Kamilla Berdin?

Social media marketing & PR specialist

I am a Social media marketing & PR specialist.

• Plan and execute social media marketing plans on platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest 
• Write and promote variety of marketing content including e-newsletters, eBooks and blog posts 
• Create and execute paid and organic SEO techniques to rank websites on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines 
• Create and monitor advertisement performance on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
• Create and execute a branding strategy across all marketing channels while delivering key messages
• Write a variety of PR formats including news releases, targeted pitch letters and media lists
• Coordinated and executed an award-winning event called “Talk is Cheap” at Centennial College 

Technical skills: 
• Google Analytics
• Google Adwords
• Wordpress
• CisionPoint 
• MRP 
• Hootsuite
• Buffer
• Photoshop and InDesign
• Fluent in Russian

Kamilla Berdin photo, image

About Kamilla Berdin

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